Annie hesitantly believes just before wear a ring and escorting him or her in order to an area in which they’re able to mask

Even when Annie tries to react, she begins to get overloaded of the barrage out-of attacks inflicted of the Levi, making it possible for your so you’re able to incapacitate the girl whenever you are gaining the ability to slice her Titan form’s mouth and you will conserve Eren from within just before retreating

Annie systematically kills Eld Jinn, Petra Ral, and you can Oluo Bozado, ultimately causing Eren to turn back and in the end engage her within his Titan form. The 2 start a raw struggle having fun with give-to-give handle techniques, after and that Annie performs during the devastating Eren’s Titan mode because of the decapitating it. [82] She grabs Eren into the throat from the lady Women Titan form and you will actually starts to flee. Mikasa brings pursue, constantly fighting the woman from inside the a match regarding anger and you can Levi in the near future arrives to aid her. [83]

Armin fires a rule, causing Survey Corps users in order to appear and you will hold back Annie

A while later on, Annie awakens inside her area throughout the Stohess Region regarding Wall structure Sheena. [84] She along with her other rookies are offered an assignment to safeguard a survey Corps convoy having consent to use the vertical control gadgets. Appropriate departing for her task, Armin techniques the girl and you may asks for aid in concealing Eren up until they are able to persuade the new Queen to Annie hesitantly believes just before wear a ring and escorting him or her in order to an area in which they're able to mask 1 raised protect the fresh Walls.

When Eren and you may Armin make an effort to encourage the woman to join him or her inside an underground passing, she claims one to the woman is too frightened. Once the Eren and you may Armin always plea having Annie to become listed on him or her and you will prove herself innocent, Mikasa openly accuses to help you Annie given that Females Titan, taunting their to fight much like the several had fought prior to. Taking you to she’s got been found away, Annie smiles during the save [85] and you can praises Armin for having cornered the girl. Seemingly captured and you can immobile, she nonetheless seems to motion picture her thumb to open up a little blade undetectable within her band, and this she uses so you’re able to injury by herself and you may alter to the their Females Titan setting, killing those individuals restraining her in the process. [86]

Annie stomps from below ground, killing some soldiers and you can blocking Eren, Armin, and you will Mikasa’s escape highway. [87] Eren next converts into the his Titan form to stand the female Titan. Throughout their competition, they kill anyone during the church but Minister Nick as well as 2 most other priests. [88] [89] Annie after that requires flight to your Wall Sheena, having Eren, Mikasa, and several soldiers for the pursuit. The pursue continues on until Annie has reached a condo property without houses, forcing the troops and you can Mikasa for taking an extended detour if you’re Eren provides pursue alone. [90] Annie spends this chance of a last decide to try within capturing Eren. A quick fight between the two of those ensues, during which she growth the top hands once more, but fails to grab your because of the Questionnaire Corps’ input. [91]

She refocuses the lady perform into the seeking escape, undertaking too ascend over Wall Sheena. But not, Mikasa slices off the fingertips out of Annie’s Women Titan function, resulting in Annie to shed this lady grip toward Wall structure. [92] While the she falls, Annie recalls her dad apologizing to the woman for your rigorous training pressed abreast of their and instructing the woman to return family you to date. Eren, inside the Titan function, keeps off the lady Titan as the soldiers attempt to extract Annie. On getting her on nape, they realize that Annie is wholly closed into the exactly what seems to become a durable crystal. [93]

When you’re Annie was swept up into the crystal, Hange Zoe purchases both the Military Cops Brigade additionally the rest of the Survey Corps and also make a cable net, tie this lady up, and you may flow her underground. [94] Regarding aftermath, Hange conducts a back ground check up on Annie, discussing one this lady has a last that have Reiner Braun and you will Bertolt Vacuum, just who fall under suspicion because the this lady accomplices. [95]

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