Dee berates Dennis and you may rushes out to salvage this lady experience of Kevin

The brand new band disagrees on the proper clothes to wear on-stage. Frank prefers an early sixties Beatles means that may instill trust for the younger women’s moms and dads. Mac computer favors a beneficial Sid Vicious punk approach. One another males wear its well-known costumes while they argue across the term of one’s ring. Honest wants to name the fresh band The fresh Pecan Sandies and you will claims that the label try a double entendre. Mac dismisses the concept in support of Chemical Restroom because the the guy thinks it will get them all of the laid smaller.

Charlie rushes out from the office to present their basic tune dressed as Bob Dylan. New words feel the appearance of a page out-of a coloring publication. The latest song is named “This new Nightman”. While they carry out the song, Honest and you may Mac is actually appalled because of the Charlie’s lyrics and claim that the tune is too frustrating towards the band’s visual assistance. Charlie defends the newest track and you will sings more of it in order to convince him or her that they’re lost this is.

Mac computer quickly attempts to enroll Dennis to your ring just like the an excellent new-front kid. Dennis claims into the using spandex, assuming it creates your a rock god. Frank can’t gamble electric guitar and you can Mac computer can not play electric guitar therefore behavior is not heading really well when Dennis appears within his costume. Mac computer dislikes Dennis’ costume, but gives your Charlie’s words in any event. Before they’re able to routine and their new-front child, Nice Dee gets in the space and you can announces you to she broke up with Kevin. She states you to the lady failure to share with if the Kevin is retarded or otherwise not retarded is actually excessive stress on her to handle. Dennis after that announces from the habit stage one Lil’ Kevin actually is not retarded. He informs Dee he was just fooling together with her.

The guy kicks Honest and Mac of-phase in fact it is cheered of the pub audience one recognizes and you will helps your

Surprised, Mac encourages Dennis to the insights. Dennis says to Mac computer you to definitely Kevin is “totally retarded.” Ring Routine resumes. One another Frank and you may Mac are positioned away from by Dennis’ glam material swagger so that they kick your from the ring.

Charlie, meanwhile, is holed up within his flat when he huffs spraying painting of a great sock and you can attempts to best This new Nightman. Dennis suits your and you may claims that they join forces. Whenever Dennis drops new shades to help you Charlie’s windows, inspiration strikes them one another while they comprehend the fresh titular “Nightman” on track need a “Dayman” to battle into the rapidly looking material opera. The two of them eagerly assembled the latest song due to their very own band.

Paddy’s Pub is the site to your show where one another groups appear on phase. Charlie and Dennis name the ring Electronic Fantasy Host. ” The new track one therefore motivated him or her prior to is booed of the crowd. Charlie rushes off of the phase together with hopes and dreams totally missing.

Each other people don foil, science fiction clothing and Dennis declares towards unusually congested club that they’re going to experience “sexual wonders

At concert, Dee flirts with her date Kevin and confides one to she simply dumped him because of what Dennis shared with her. Kevin giggles on prospect of getting thought of as retarded. Dee tries to laugh it off having him, then again requires him so you can his face if he’s retarded otherwise perhaps not. Kevin isn’t really captivated more.

When Chemical Restroom takes this new stage, Lil’ Kevin takes the limelight. Lil’ Kevin up coming performs a no cost-concept hiphop which he dedicates to help you Dee. Brand new rap is extremely insulting to Dee and you may leaves so you can rest the trouble off Kevin’s mental illness.

Dee observe an anime along with her sweetheart Lil’ Kevin. She looks at the your while he laughs loudly and you will disjointedly from the the latest resulting childish step towards screen. She informs your you to his shirt is found on backwards, although child dismisses it out off give. He continues to throw popcorn on the his lips as he humor. He cannot annoy so you’re able to swallow before he drinks of their fruit juice field. Dee, horrified, understands that Lil’ Kevin retains this new popcorn pan you might say who would yes rating in Dennis’ games. She says to Kevin, “We must separation.”

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