Suki and you will Ty Lee escorted Aang outside of the throne space

Within the next days, a number of kidnappings taken place throughout the Investment Area, presumably by the dark morale. New Kyoshi Warriors went on so you can patrol new castle, but that night Ty Lee contended to Suki that they should help avoid this new kidnappings unlike guarding the palace. Suki informed one to Zuko and Aang was considering the challenge, and this the brand new Kyoshi Fighters would be to await their results in advance of pretending. She informed your one to the woman comrades got complete their series and given the newest considerate leader some organization. The 2 chatted about the brand new kidnapping from Mai’s little cousin Tom-Tom, having Zuko sharing his worries about the brand new boy’s destiny. [28]

Later one nights, following the Flame Lord got returned, Suki visited Zuko on a single of one’s palace’s balconies

While they spoke, but not, both noticed cigarette coming from Kiyi’s place. Suki and you can Zuko rushed over here, with Ty Lee and you can Aang right behind her or him. They were too-late, yet not, given that so-called Kemurikage got already drawn Kiyi and you will transferred to the encircling roofs. The team assaulted, and you will Suki grappled the brand new kidnapper whom kept Kiyi. Just before she you’ll cut Kiyi, but not, another Kemurikage got the little one, and more than morale escaped under the coverage off a cigarette display. In the event Aang removed how with airbending and Zuko was able to strike the past of kidnappers which have firebending, making them slip out of a threshold onto the regional courtyard, Suki together with others did not apprehend him or her and help save Kiyi after they was in fact pushed right back by a lightning assault. [28] [29]

Immediately after training one Ukano try a push back chief, Suki speculated the New Ozai Area and you will Secure Nation Community was indeed one and also the exact same.

On next day, Suki took part in Political Sites and single dating site an event in the throne place where she shown in order to Mai you to definitely Kiyi’s kidnapper had put ligthning. Mai consequently indicated that the lady dad Ukano got added the latest Ozai People. Predicated on this particular article, Suki speculated that Safer Nation Area is just rebranding of one’s The Ozai Area. Zuko and you will Aang upcoming began to argue concerning proper direction out-of action, culminating regarding the Flame Lord purchasing the new Avatar away from their eyes. Contemplating Sokka should do in this case, the new Kyoshi Warrior leader following proposed to investigate brand new palace having clues in the Azula’s class. Just after particular fruitless appearing from inside the Kiyi’s place, Ty Lee appreciated that the castle got magic passageways, exhibiting one of them in order to Suki and you may Aang. the 3 promptly journeyed into the Capital City Jail in which it tried to improve Zuko of its findings. In the event that Flame Lord would not listen, Aang generally abducted your, causing Suki and her family members in order to violent storm after the partners.

Following Avatar highlighted the secret passageway to Zuko, the brand new Flame Lord chose to abide by it. The guy requested Suki and you can Ty Lee to protect the brand new castle whenever you are he was moved which they easily agreed to create. Shortly after Zuko’s category had freed brand new kidnapped youngsters, Suki stood shield just like the Flames Lord are carrying a speech regarding the money, proclaiming which he was disappointed having their errors into the handling the Kemurikage crisis and vowing accomplish best in the future. [29]

Dilemmas inside the Cranefish Area

As Aang, Katara, Sokka, and you will Toph traveled in order to meet Suki within the Yu Dao, they became involved in Cranefish Town’s dispute anywhere between benders and you will nonbenders. Sokka accepted that Class Avatar wouldn’t be leaving the town for a time and you may sent good live messenger hawk so you’re able to ask Suki to join them. [11] Suki lent a keen eel hound to travel to Cranefish City, where she came across Cluster Avatar away from Earthen Fire Refinery and you will carefully accepted Sokka.

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