Within the Pilot, Brandon and you will Callie is very first delivered together within dining room table


He Brandon aided Callie with navigating due to university and also the Promote household members. Callie uses Brandon’s mobile to make contact with the woman cousin, Jude. Callie meets Brandon in the musical space. The guy teaches you to the woman in regards to the twins moving in. Immediately following Brandon sees Callie putting this lady plan out and you may drifting out-of, the guy blows their partner, Talya, of and chases Callie.

As he fundamentally are at this lady, she informs him you to definitely she’s got discover their aunt. Brandon appears conflicted into whether to ignore class otherwise realize Callie. The guy at some point chooses to follow the girl. To their means to fix their previous foster-father into shuttle, Callie teaches you in order to Brandon why she wound-up in the a juvenile delinquency that leads the lady in order to plan on protecting Jude. On its arrival, they show up up with a strategy including Brandon to help you disturb the person when you are Callie will get Jude. Callie knowledge the back doorway while Brandon are speaking with the man. The person sees Callie and initiate yelling at the her. The guy pulls out a gun and you may keeps they during the Brandon. They are afterwards safe. About car, Brandon and you will Callie are noticed considering each other to have an excellent brief second.

performs a guitar. Callie claims you to her mother trained the woman to experience it before she passed away and you may Brandon rubs the lady leg into the comfort. When you are strolling household of college, Goodness brings up Callie. One another Brandon and you will God thought Callie is actually hot. Back in the backyard, Brandon facilitate Callie together with her keyboards show. During the

Callie assumes on that has been due to the girl that he states zero

nights, Brandon and you will Callie come in Brandon’s area making songs. At some point, he obtains a text message from Talya asking when he create become more than. He blows their out of again to keep that have Callie resuming to make songs and you will viewing for every single other people’s business.

For the Intense Acts, Callie meets up with Brandon. She tells him that she understands that he is considering moving along with his dad. She asks him when it is on account of the girl and you can Jude you to they are relocating to he answers zero. When Brandon leaves to maneuver into the together with father, Callie gets right back their keyboards. The guy insists that she features it.

Inside Quinceanera, Mariana requires Callie to settle the girl courtroom. Callie agrees. It is showed that Callie will have to moving which have Brandon. Callie looks embarrassing that have Brandon and you may Talya hence she simply leaves. Stef believes there is something going on ranging from Brandon and you can Callie and you can alerts him that it is from the regulations in order to connect up. Brandon thinks otherwise proclaiming that nothing is taking place. During the practice toward Waltz, it express intimates moments. Whenever Callie stages in this new dining room in her pink dress, Brandon converts to and can’t help however, gaze on her. The guy informs the lady one to she seems “nice” if you are Talya guides inside the. Talya threatens Callie. Since they’re planning to perform some entrances, Callie changes mate having Sam single Atheist dating. Into the father-daughter moving, Brandon asks Callie what happened. She says to your you to Talya thinks Callie keeps thinking to possess Brandon. Brandon talks about Talya from inside the disgust.

Following the dancing, Brandon tells Callie you to definitely she’s dance having your. Callie efforts apologize so you’re able to Brandon for what she told you regarding the Talya however, the guy disregards it. Adopting the dancing, Brandon and Callie are dance together. Talya interferes but Callie actually leaves. Brandon seems sad when she do so. Brandon holds Talya’s hand and you can drags this lady out. As time passes, it argue. It at some point separation. From inside the photo class, Callie requires Brandon throughout the Talya in which he states one to she leftover. Afterwards, Brandon says to the lady he dumped Talya. He broke up

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